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Verbal 1

Posted by mtwinkle on June 7, 2007







Common errors:

1. Misplaced modifiers

2. Pronoun errors

3. Verb tense errors

4. Parallel construction errors

5. Comparing apples and oranges

6. Subject verb agreement errors

7. Idiom errors

1. Modifiers should be next to the word they describe??

Tips. Change phrase to clauses(that contains a subject and a verb).


While leaving the bank, Erin’s purse was stolen.

As she was leaving the bank, Erin’s purse was stolen.

(she –> subject, was–verb)

Pronoun errors:

rule1: singular noun–> singular pronoun

plural noun –> plural pronoun

rule2: Each pronoun must refer directly and unambiguously to the noun it replaces.

tips1: If you see the word ‘it’ underlined in a sentence, make sure you know what its referring to and that the original word is singular.

Likewise, if you see the word ‘they’ underlined, make sure its referring to something plural, and make sure you know exactly what that is.


1. Each pronoun must agree with the nouns they replace.

ans. Each pronoun must agree with the nouns it replaces.

Verb Tense errors

tips1: The tense of the verbs in a sentence usually stays the same.

Complex Tenses

1. past perfect tense- indicates that 2 things have happened in the past and you have to show which one happened first. For this you use the word ‘had’.

tip1: You should never use ‘had’ unless you explicitly have to. if only one thing has happened in the past, then the use of ‘had’ is wrong.
eg. Wayne had attended business school for more than a year when he got married.

2. present perfect tense – indicates that something started in the past and carries up to the present moment. For this, you use the word ‘has’ or ‘have’.

tip: The best clue that you need to use the present perfect is the word ‘since’.

eg. Wayne has attended business school since last October.

3. future perfect tense – something will have finished happening at a certain date in the future. You use the word ‘will have’.

eg. When Wayne gets married, he will have attended business school for more than a year.


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