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Posted by mtwinkle on June 8, 2007

Able to

Ability to

accede to

access to

according to

account for

accuse of

acquaint with

agree with

allow for

amount to

appear to

apply to

argue over

as + adjective + as

associate with

assure that

at a disadvantage

attempt to

attend to

attention to

attest to

attribute to

available to

based on

because of

believe to be

between [A] and [B]

call for

choice of

choice from [nouns]

choose to [verb]

claim to

collaborate with

conclude that

consequence of


note: ‘consider to be’  –> wrong

consist of

consistent with

continue to

contrast with

contribute to

convert to

cost of [something]

cost to [someone]

credit with

date from

deal with

debate over

decide to

defend against

define as

delighted by

demonstrate that

depend on

depict as

descend from

different from

difficult to

distinguish [A] from [B]

draw on

eg. Surgeons draw on years of experience when they try new procedures.

due to

in an effort to


enamored with

eg. When my family met my new girlfriend, everyone was enamored with her.

encourage to

-er than

estimate to be

expose to

extend to

extent of

fear that

fluctuation in

forbid to  (note: forbid from –> wrong)

force to

frequency of

from [A] to [B]

hypothesize that

in contrast to

in danger of

in order to

in violation of

inclined to

infected with

instead of

introduce to

isolate from

just as ..so too

eg. Just as I have crossed over to the Dark Side, so too will you, my son.

less than

likely to

liken to

eg. The clerk likened the man’s complaining to the barking of a small dog.

mistake for

model after

more than

move away from

[a] native of

native to

neither .. nor

not [A] but [B]

not only …but also

not so much ….as

on account of

opportunity for  [noun]

opportunity to [verb]

opposed to

opposite of

permit to

persuade to

predisposed to

eg. Baby turtles are predisposed to fend for themselves early in life.

pressure to

prevent from

prized by

prohibit from

protect against

provide with

question whether

range from [A] to [B]

rather than

regard as

replace with

require to

required of


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