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Sentence correction

Posted by mtwinkle on June 12, 2007

1. Identify verbs and their respective subject.

2. Identify pronoun errors.

3. A pronoun should be plural when it refers to two nouns joined by “and”.

4. A pronoun should be singular when it refers to two nouns joined by or or nor.
Neither Jane nor Katarina believes she passed the final.

eg. You enter this world with no responsibilities. Then comes school, then work, then marriage and family. No wonder, you look longingly to retirement.

5. As a general rule, a modifier should be placed as close as possible to what it modifies.

6. Center on vs. Center around
Center around is colloquial. It should not be used in formal writing.

(Faulty) The dispute centers around the effects of undocumented workers.

(Correct) The dispute centers on the effects of undocumented workers.

Doubt that vs. Doubt whether
Doubt whether is nonstandard.

(Faulty) I doubt whether his new business will succeed.

(Correct) I doubt that his new business will succeed.

This bid is identical with the one submitted by you.

(identical to is wrong)

In contrast to the conservative attitudes of her time, Mae West was quite provocative.

Independent of

The reason …. is because: the reason why .. is because.
Both the above structures are wrong.

Q. Since the advent of cable telivision, the video industry took a giant stride.

Ans. took –> has taken

Q. When I came home, the children still didn’t finish dinner.

A. still didn’t –> still hadn’t

Conditional sentences

If I have time, I will do it tomorrow.

If I had time, I would do it now.

If I had had time, I would have done yesterday.

inspite of is equivalent to despite

They came in spite of the rain.

They came despite the rain.


and, too, as well as, not only … but also, both ….and, so that

Q. Do you know when does the movie start?

Ans. Do you know when the movie starts?

Note: The second part should not be interrogative.

Those kinds

double negative is wrong –> hadn’t hardly is wrong.

Q. Having stole the money, the police searched the thief.

Ans. stole –> stolen, the thief was searched by the police.

Q. The process by which the community influences the actions of its members.

Ans. community –> singular, influences, its –> singular.

Q. We want the teacher to be he, who has the best rapport with the students.

Ans. who –> pronoun, he –> subject

Q. With the exception of Frank and I, everyone in the class finished the assignment before the bell rang.

Ans. I –> me, finished –> had finished.

I. Please don’t do that.

II. Would you please not do that.

I. I am an American and so is she.

II. I am an American and she is too.

III. I am not an American and he isn’t either.

IV. I am not an American and neither is he.


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